Thursday, November 20, 2008

▪ why is only your "choice" protected?

So the argument goes something like this; homosexuality is not something you were born with –it is a choice. Or at the very least you have the choice to act on it. Therefore, it is not something that can be protected by law.

Now if for the moment we concede the whole ‘homosexuality is a choice’ nonsense, there is a very significant problem for the religious right with this argument. If they are going to maintain that something that is chosen is therefore not at all protected under the Constitution, then are they themselves willing to give up the protection they enjoy for religious beliefs that they have chosen?

So let’s apply the same “it’s a choice” logic to religious faith…

Christianity is a choice!

So, why is it protected under the Constitution? After all, they weren’t born “Christians.” There is no scientific proof of Christianity being genetic. They are a product of their environment; they were influenced by others. They made a decision at 6 or 16, or 26, etc., to choose to believe in the Christian faith. They chose to practice it as they see fit. Why should their behavior be protected?

Christians are trying to come into our schools and convert innocent children. They run recruitment “Bible Camps” where they try to indoctrinate unsuspecting kids as young as toddlers. They want their understanding of science to be taught in our schools. They want to impose their idea of marriage on the rest of us, whether we like it or not.

We must stop them before they pervert our American way of life. We need to get a Constitutional provision on the next ballot preventing the continued spread of this plague.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t hide behind the protected freedom of your personal choice to strip others of their rights based on what you perceive as their choice.

(NOTE: As I have said, I do not advocate stripping anyone of their right of freedom of religion. The First Amendment is a glorious thing! And this is not meant as an attack on all things Christian. It is just my way of pointing out that many of the arguments of those that would use their religious beliefs to curtail the rights of others don't hold water.)

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